Greek Beer Awards
rules, details, forms

The first awards for the Greek beer industry after tasting!



All the comments and feedback provided by the judges during the tastings, are provided to the companies for each beer they submited.



Judges from around the world are joining the tasting panels in order to have a fair feedback and evaluation. Among them traditional and developing markets.



Considering the expenses of brewing, we like to help breweries and decided to keep the participation fees in an affordable level.



The blind tasting process is organized accordingly to the world standards. Judges are grouped in order to combine experience with passion to have fair results.

Greek Beer Awards are designed only for beers produced by greek breweries or for them as nomad or collabs. Breweries, microbreweries, gypsy/nomad breweries, beer companies are eligeble to participate. Homebrews or products made for third parties (façon) like supermarkets, football clubs etc. can not participate to this contest.


Judging panels are responsibility of the Head Judge. The judges follow the ABA standards. To judge your samples in the right way, it is important to submit it in the proper category and fill the details for your beer (bottle conditioned, haze, unfiltered, unpasteurized).

The main philosophy of the competition is to award beers for their complexity in aroma and taste. Beers with off-flavours or negative impression, loose points. The last element to look at is “fit-to-style”.

Every sample is evaluated by each judge, who is adding notes and points for every evaluation part on the form. The feedback is sent anonymously to you, without name and points, after the awards evening. If anything negative comes to judges attention, the judge’s table can ask for a second sample from this beer. In possible equal scores, judges may taste the beers again to judge which of them will get the lead.

The above decisions are made only by the Head Judge, who is also responsible for the samples classification and flights as well as the judges panel. The Head Judge is not participating at the tasting and has the obligation to remind the philosophy of the competition to the judges. Greek Beer Awards invites judges from abroad in order to ensure the integrity and transparency of the tasting process and the outcome. The organization in agreement with the head judge reserves the right to merge categories.


1.1 Pale Lager
1.2 Red/Amber Lager
1.3 Dark Lager
1.4 Pils/Pilsener
1.5 Specialty Lager

2.1 Pale Ale
2.2 Red/Amber Ale
2.3 Dark Ale
2.4 India Pale Ale
2.5 Stout & Porter
2.6 German Weiss
2.7 Wheat Beer (American Wheat, Belgian Wit etc)
2.8 Barrel Aged
2.9 Saison
2.10 Specialty Ale




Complete the participation form and submit it within the dates. Check that your company and contact details are correct. Samples should be packed carefuly and are sent at your own responsibility, the shipping costs have to be payed by the sender.

For 330ml samples, 5 bottles/cans are requaried.
For 500ml samples, 5 bottles/cans are requaried.
For 700ml samples, 3 bottles are requaried.

Experimental beers or keg beers that are not available in bottles or cans can be send in bottles with a draft label reffering all the legal details including abv, bb date, lot number and ingredients. Bottled under all the safe conditions predicted by the hygiene laws, to prevent deterioration.

Please refer if your sample should be stored in fridge right after delivery.

We created a shipping label to add it on your shippings. Please download it, print it and stick it on all your boxes. Don’t forget to add the signs “Fragile” and “This side up” to your boxes. Destroyed samples will not be included.

Download Label


Each participation costs €60,00. The price is only for the Greek Beer Awards and does not include VAT. There is no limit in samples submiting (participations) for the breweries. 

1 Participation

2 Participations

3 Participations

4 Participations
€180,00 (3 participations payed & 1 free)

For every 4 participations one free sample (i.e. 8 beers: 6 payed & 2 free, total €360,00).
Total is without VAT.

Payment can be made through bank transfer. The account details are on the participation form. Please use your Invoice Number as reference of the transfer.


The winners will be announced during the BeerBartender Event. The event hosted in Athens. Breweries will be previously informed in order to attend the event to receive their prize.

Greek Beer Awards are lately digital available for promotional purposes. Greek Beer Awards badges for bottles and promotional material are uppon request in high resolution available.


The awards distinguish in Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. The beers with the highest score in the Lager and Ale category will be announced as Top Lager and Top Ale of the competition.

Gold Medals
Every beer that has a score between 91%-100%

Silver Medals
Every beer that has a score between 81%-90%

Bronze Medals
Every beer that has a score between 71%-80%

Head of Judges

Ataç Besi
2020 Head Judge

Owner, Founder & Brewer Of Gara Guzu Brewery. A pioneer of microbrewery in Turkey. He has made a lot of successful collaboration brews with breweries from Europe.

The head judge is a well respected and experienced person, chosen by the organizers to fulfill the following responsibilities:

Inform the judges for the rules & regulations
Clear any judging process conflict
Remind the competition philosophy to the judges
Call for a second sample or flight
Decide whether a sample is accepted at the competition and in the right category
Decide if any categories should merge
Decide the flight order

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Choose the judging panel
Inform the judges for the rules & regulations
Clear any judging process conflict
Remind the competition philosophy to the judges
Call for a second sample or flight
Decide if a sample is accepted at the competition and if it is in the right category
Decide if any categories should merge
Decide the flight apperance